The Balloons And The Dog Rocket Writing

“This will be fun” my human says when she gets out the leash and balloons.
“That’s what I want” the dog would whimper every time in reply.
As soon the his paws touched the rough front door step an icy chill sprinted down his back. Bang!!!. A tree hit the ground at fierce speed, sending him flying back. Cats sprawled out of the dark shabby corners hissing with laughter, waiting for him to fall. He padded on towards the creaky gate, his owner slamming it behind him scaring the cats. His paws slipped on the frosty grass pushing him off the earth and onto nothing, nothing at all. The world above him became a blur sending him into darkness. With a jolt his eyes opened to a fireplace breathing smoke into the chimney, familiar smells wafted in the air sending him back home no rusty gates, frosty grass, or crazy cats. This was his home and he never wanted to leave.

The end


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