Sibling rivalry
By Rachael
Finished date: 24/8/17
Time: 2 mins 30 secs

Heaps of people have siblings.
I've got one sister, well twin, so I know what it's like to have a sibling.

Siblings fight a lot. I think twins feel more comfortable with each other, one moment you'll be telling each other secrets then the next you'll be blurting them out to mum and dad.

Me and my twin fight over weird things like the tv remote. We’ll race to the table Emma (my twin) will lunge and grab the remote. Since I've semi dislocated my knee apparently “I'm not fast enough”.

It's the same way with the seat ‘the throne’ right in front of the tv and of course Emma gets it, always with the same result whether it's Emma or me, “Haha you have to sit there!!!”.  But on the good side when it's sunny you're not able to see the iPad's screen.

Emma and I love to race each other we’ll bound upstairs tumbling over ourselves. The winner (who is practically always Emma unless I get to the stairs first) will get to be the winner of the house for that night.
The winner’s face will shine with glory for the whole night making the loser’s  red with fury.

By then a cat has usually walked in we'll try our best to usher the cat into our bed but of cause he has to scratch a hole in the curtains first then it'll make its way to the sunniest bed… mine! We'll go mental if the cat is in the other twins bed.

 The same annoying question will come up every annoying night, “Can we read?
Please please!!!” With the same annoying answer “OK fine but you owe me.”
By 10:00 I've tried everything to get to sleep but nothing works.
Emma dozing peacefully in the bed beside me annoys me more then anything, why can't I get to sleep? Well no one knows.

My mum says that we are worst enemies then best friends and on and on and on throughout the day.

I wonder why most fights end with “I’M TELLING ON YOU!”  Or “MUM SHE'S BEING MEAN!!!”  And “MAKE HER STOP!!!”
I guess no one wants to take the blame, but it mostly turns on both of us. Both of our stories are completely different which usually sends us to bed an hour early.

The thing I love about me and my twin is that we always forgive one another, I'm glad that we don't fight every minute of the day.
By :Rachael


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