Week 9 science journal

Week nine science

We are working on flipping frogs…
Observation & inferences
The tighter the band was, the higher the frogs flipped because it had more thrust. The smaller the card was mostly meant there was a different outcome because if you used a big piece of card you couldn't use a small rubber band. We did a competition for highest jumping frog and best looking frog.

We are working on slingshot rockets…
Observations & inferences :
When you didn't use feathers your rocket went further. Also it was easier when you cut the band of the slingshot to make it wider. Most of us found it hard when the straw bent. Some people used two
If you want a better fire it depends on the air resistance.

We are working on angle launcher…
Observations & inferences :
My class thinks that the best angle is 45•. When the angle is high or low the ball wouldn't go far. From our observations the best range was short range (for inside ), long range (for outside) and medium range (for either). I inferred that different angles make a different outcome.


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