Science Journal

Wk:1 Sliming mr. Anderson
I think good slime is thick because it doesn't pour straight down, it stays where it was poured.
When we poured our class slime on Mr. Anderson, it ran straight down. It was very runny because I think we used too much water.
I think the purpose of making the slime was to learn how to do experiments.
On the solo rubic I put myself on multistructural because my answers might not be the same others.

Wk:2 Balloon Rocket,
How to make a balloon rocket- two meters or more string tied to chairs with a straw on the string, blow up the balloon, tape the balloon to the straw, then let the balloon go.
I think using wool would have slowed down the balloon, because the bumps in the wool would cause some friction, especially not using straws.
I think the balloon would have gone faster on an angle.
We were learning to collect data and see what turns out of it using see think wonder.
One of the forces on the balloon would have been thrust which is the biggest force on the balloon.
On the solo rubric I still think I am on multistructural, my answers might not be the same as others

Wk:3 Balloon Rocket
My balloon was on an angle, from the playground, because we wanted to see how Fast it would go.
This time we used fishing wire, it made the balloon go very fast because the friction on the wire was smooth.
When we tried facing the balloon the other way, upward it went half way then came back.
We did this activity to see what makes the balloon go faster and slower.
If I was to do this again I would try the fishing wire and the straws but do it horizontally.
On the solo rubic I still think I'm on multistructural but heading towards relational

Wk:4 Trebuchet
We used a Trebuchet to predict how far a tennis ball/heavy ball will go,
We also felt the weights that you put in the wooden box to make the cannon work.
When we put 13 weights inside the wooden box the ball went about 30 something meters.
If I did this again I would telly how far the ball went.
At discovery some of the boys put 13 weights and 2 balls and the tennis ball almost reached the sandpit.

On the solo rubic I am in between multistructural and relational because I'm learning to connect my ideas and my answers


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