Inquiry Relection

For inquiry this term, Rhys and I are creating part of a time bank.

A time bank is when someone spends an hour teaching someone else something, the person getting taught will lose an hour and the person teaching will gain an hour.

I think I am working at relational on the solo rubric, because I know how to plan a time bank and how to set it up. I still need help with how to send an email to all the year 5 and 6s. I can also teach others how to be a responsible citizen.
I am heading towards extended abstract because i am passing on my new knowledge to others. Personally I think we haven't done all of the strategies in extended abstract.

My next steps to get to extend abstract is to use several strategies to be a responsible citizen in our community. These strategies include seeking feedback, getting a wider range of people involved, and go beyond the schooling community. I will also need to learn when to use them.

I am proud of how far we have gone with our project, because when we started I didn't think we would complete the task. I am also proud of how I followed instructions from team members.


  1. Good job Rachael I love the descreptive use of words. I love how you said things about yourself not the person that you are working with 👌🏻


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