The Balloons And The Dog Rocket Writing

“This will be fun” my human says when she gets out the leash and balloons.
“That’s what I want” the dog would whimper every time in reply.
As soon the his paws touched the rough front door step an icy chill sprinted down his back. Bang!!!. A tree hit the ground at fierce speed, sending him flying back. Cats sprawled out of the dark shabby corners hissing with laughter, waiting for him to fall. He padded on towards the creaky gate, his owner slamming it behind him scaring the cats. His paws slipped on the frosty grass pushing him off the earth and onto nothing, nothing at all. The world above him became a blur sending him into darkness. With a jolt his eyes opened to a fireplace breathing smoke into the chimney, familiar smells wafted in the air sending him back home no rusty gates, frosty grass, or crazy cats. This was his home and he never wanted to leave.

The end


Sibling rivalry
By Rachael
Finished date: 24/8/17
Time: 2 mins 30 secs

Heaps of people have siblings.
I've got one sister, well twin, so I know what it's like to have a sibling.

Siblings fight a lot. I think twins feel more comfortable with each other, one moment you'll be telling each other secrets then the next you'll be blurting them out to mum and dad.

Me and my twin fight over weird things like the tv remote. We’ll race to the table Emma (my twin) will lunge and grab the remote. Since I've semi dislocated my knee apparently “I'm not fast enough”.

It's the same way with the seat ‘the throne’ right in front of the tv and of course Emma gets it, always with the same result whether it's Emma or me, “Haha you have to sit there!!!”.  But on the good side when it's sunny you're not able to see the iPad's screen.

Emma and I love to race each other we’ll bound upstairs tumbling over ourselves. The winner (who is practically always Emma unless I …

Week 9 science journal

Week nine science

We are working on flipping frogs…
Observation & inferences
The tighter the band was, the higher the frogs flipped because it had more thrust. The smaller the card was mostly meant there was a different outcome because if you used a big piece of card you couldn't use a small rubber band. We did a competition for highest jumping frog and best looking frog.

We are working on slingshot rockets…
Observations & inferences :
When you didn't use feathers your rocket went further. Also it was easier when you cut the band of the slingshot to make it wider. Most of us found it hard when the straw bent. Some people used two
If you want a better fire it depends on the air resistance.

We are working on angle launcher…
Observations & inferences :
My class thinks that the best angle is 45•. When the angle is high or low the ball wouldn't go far. From our observations the best range was short range (for inside ), long range (for outside) and medium ran…

Science Journal

Wk:1 Sliming mr. Anderson
I think good slime is thick because it doesn't pour straight down, it stays where it was poured.
When we poured our class slime on Mr. Anderson, it ran straight down. It was very runny because I think we used too much water.
I think the purpose of making the slime was to learn how to do experiments.
On the solo rubic I put myself on multistructural because my answers might not be the same others.

Wk:2 Balloon Rocket,
How to make a balloon rocket- two meters or more string tied to chairs with a straw on the string, blow up the balloon, tape the balloon to the straw, then let the balloon go.
I think using wool would have slowed down the balloon, because the bumps in the wool would cause some friction, especially not using straws.
I think the balloon would have gone faster on an angle.
We were learning to collect data and see what turns out of it using see think wonder.
One of the forces on the balloon would have been thrust which is the biggest force on the…

Banks peninsula

The Banks Peninsula or Horomaka  
By Lily-Grace and Rachael

The Port Hills are located in Cashmere, Christchurch. It's po box is 8022. Did you know that the Gondola is part of the Banks Peninsula also known as the Port Hills?

In the old days there were just Maori in New Zealand. The Banks Peninsula or Horomaka were formed by two volcanoes twelve million years ago. The mass of the volcano stretched up to over 1,176 square Km! It was jutting from Canterbury coast to Pegasus Bay and Canterbury point. The highest point Mount Herbert Paikai (920m of height) this overlooks Lyttelton Harbour. There is a small valley which is called Little River. Akaroa was the largest volcano eruption. The mass of the volcanic hills stretched up to over 1,165 SQ Km. Banks Peninsula is a Peninsula of volcanic origin on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It has an area of approximately 1,150 kilometres (440 square) and encom passes two large harbours and many smaller bays. The So…

Inquiry Relection

For inquiry this term, Rhys and I are creating part of a time bank.

A time bank is when someone spends an hour teaching someone else something, the person getting taught will lose an hour and the person teaching will gain an hour.

I think I am working at relational on the solo rubric, because I know how to plan a time bank and how to set it up. I still need help with how to send an email to all the year 5 and 6s. I can also teach others how to be a responsible citizen.
I am heading towards extended abstract because i am passing on my new knowledge to others. Personally I think we haven't done all of the strategies in extended abstract.

My next steps to get to extend abstract is to use several strategies to be a responsible citizen in our community. These strategies include seeking feedback, getting a wider range of people involved, and go beyond the schooling community. I will also need to learn when to use them.

I am proud of how far we have gone with our project, because when we…

Responsible citizen

Including others
If this quality was missing, then there would be no friendships.
Including others is important because it allows us to make friends,
for example if somebody asked Maggie if they could play she would say “yes.”

Helping others
If this quality is missing, then people will feel lonely and sad.
Qualities like these are important because if nobody helped each other, then nobody would learn the different ideas and qualities each other holds.
For example a teacher’s job is to help kids learn.

Self management
If this quality was missing, then everybody might hurt each other
this quality is important because it helps us not to act out,
for example Olivia I have never seen her do anything bad at school.

If this quality was missing, then nobody would do anything.
Participating is important because it allows us to meet new people, try new things, and work as a team. For example Gabby will almost always participate in something she knows she wants to do.